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Pre-sale Launch Price

King Coqui

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Queen Coqui


Vacation Rental & Car Rental Discounts

Get up to 33% off your vacation rental property stay.  Choose from selected Airbnb & boutique property listings on PosadasPuertoRico.com, and call 844-767-2327 to book & redeem your discount.  

Travel as a group and get even better rates!

Travel Packages & Guided Tours

Members will receive access to travel packages and community guided trips giving you an unforgettable experience. Enjoy guided tours through the Magical El Yunque Rainforest, Surfing the majestic blue waters of the Caribbean, group trips to Old San Juan’s famous bars and best restaurants, and Horseback Riding through tropical trails with the perfect beach sunset.


Party & Event Access

Members are cordially invited to Exclusive Coqui Mansion Parties. Once we sell 60% of our NFT Coqui's these events will be held quarterly with  influencer and special guests appearances, raffle prizes, and more!

Your COQUImmunity membership can also open doors for you at WEB3 events on the island, our founders negotiate with other event organizers to get you in!

Ambassador Rewards Pool

We want to rewards the most loyal members of our COQUImmunity. So we're pooling 7% of our NFT mint sales to run CASH & VACATION GIVEAWAYS once a month.

Our genesis collection HODLer's  get lifetime VIP status and
priority access to future travel destination drops


Hello, I'm Yamy

I’m a passionpreneur. One who is well-versed in business and making connections.
I founded the NFT Coqui Collection to provide travelers to Puerto Rico an immersive guest experience that is sure to make them fall in-love with the island.

Hello, I'm Renee

As the artist behind Coqui, I wanted to use my talents in a way that gave back, and was part of a larger purpose. I love that the collection gives back in a tangible way, and serves the community at large.

Hello, I'm Ali

I’m a social-preneur. Adding value is my ethos. I go to bat every day to get you top-tier holder benefits, aligning the partners needed to build the best utility possible for the coquimmunity. I’m also the logistics-oriented expert charting the path for the team.